We build products that address real needs and give pleasure with every use. Whether it is a software platform, a mobile app or a physical IoT product - in the end the product should inspire.
Our development philosophy
user centricity
We work user-centric. We do not think of solutions based on technology, but rather assume the role of the users of our solutions. This means that users are the focus of the entire development process. We are convinced that this is the only way to create the best possible individual solution.
Responsibility & Ideation
Together with our customers we develop the right solution and take responsibility for the clean implementation.
Rapid Prototyping
We use lightweight approaches to make ideas quickly tangible and to gain insights.
Agile Development
For us, self-organization and the use of agile methods are the key to good performance.
Adaptive Quality
“Quality, speed, features - pick two!”. The consideration must not be accidental. That's why we make the factors transparent and consciously steer them in the right direction.
Share Knowledge
Innovation and progress are a team sport. Sharing knowledge is our way to get a little better every day.
How we can work together
Our services are just as individual as the wishes and needs of our customers. For every concern we look for the right model for cooperation. Depending on the goal, project stage and the existing team, we can make an offer that fits the project environment.
We support development teams in realizing their solutions. Our team of experienced developers can provide full technical support as well as methodical support where the greatest challenges are.
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Digital product development
Together with our customers, we develop ideas that we turn into reality over various phases. At the end there is a finished product that provides the greatest added value for everyone involved.
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Interim Tech Lead
In particularly challenging phases, it is helpful for teams to have an experienced colleague on board who keeps an overview and ensures good alignment. We can provide this role temporarily and ensure that the team can develop its full potential. We ensure clean communication at the interfaces, support team building and also accompany architectural decisions.
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Technology consulting
Today it is no longer possible to commit to certain technologies in the long term. The challenge is to stay up-to-date without making constant changes a burden. We can help to assess the situation correctly and make good decisions for the future. In addition, we can also evaluate the architecture of the systems. Of course, we are happy to support you with the subsequent implementation.
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Seminars & workshops
We have experience in organizing and conducting workshops and seminars: Team workshops are often useful when the framework conditions change or a realignment is imminent. In addition, we also offer technical seminars that are dedicated to a technology or method focus and can be used as an introduction or in-depth study.
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How we develop products
We create products over various phases. Each of these phases has its own challenges. Regardless, there are five issues that we keep in mind throughout the process:
Problem space
Every good product solves a real problem. Understanding this precisely is the most important thing in order to be able to work on the right solutions.
We create products over various phases. Each of these phases has its own challenges. Regardless, there are five issues that we keep in mind throughout the process:
Beyond the problem, the vision explains why the product is valuable and what our results contribute to.
The users should benefit from our work. That is why we focus on them, ie their opinions and suggestions carry particular weight.
Economic success determines whether a product will exist in the long term. We analyze, test and improve the market fit on an ongoing basis.
Every product must be in line with our corporate values. Ideally, it also promotes them.

Reasonably used methods support us in achieving our goals. Not all methods work equally well in every phase, which is why it is necessary to make regular adjustments and choose the setup for the next steps. It can typically make sense to start with design thinking methods at the beginning in order to later switch to an agile development process and find the market fit via lean startup.

At each stage, we proceed iteratively until we have the results with which to test our hypotheses. Depending on the test result, we either go one step further or we have to go into another iteration.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!