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Make the most out of your data

Make the most out of your data
Your company is generating a huge amount of data but when it comes to decision-making it seems to be missing? With our expertise in the utilization of data, we can help you build the data platforms that you need and ensure your teams develop a great data-driven mindset for better business decisions.

Are you a digital leader in your industry?

Are you a digital leader in your industry?
Digital transformation is an overused buzzword, but many companies are indeed facing huge challenges. Organizations cannot not change and have an increasing pressure to adopt quickly. The necessary change has to start bottom-up just as much as top-down. We can support you setting up a modern development and product culture for a successful digital transformation.

Innovation without excuses

Innovation without excuses
There is just never enough time to develop and test innovative ideas? With our expertise we can bring your ideas to life and make sure they get validated in real-life. Our product development framework makes sure successful ideas can be released and scaled to market.

Development culture eats strategy for breakfast

Development culture eats strategy for breakfast
Having a great software development culture is a key success factor for any digital business. Self-organized development teams with the right product mindset can bring amazing value to your organization.

Why is legacy software so sticky?

Why is legacy software so sticky?
You have old business-critical software that seems to be blocking your strategic projects? Turning these situations around is a major challenge for every organization. Excellent technical understanding, great communication and dedication are the bare minimum that you need for a successful turnaround.
What our clients say about us
„Building great products is hard, but through our collaboration with tapro labs, it has been made much easier. With a strong combination of deep technical expertise and a great product mindset, they have helped the team move a lot faster. It has allowed us to create a more valuable and less complex offering for our users and the results clearly reflect that.“
Rikard Nilsson
Product Manager
„tapro labs played a key role in setting up our the Hermes digital lab. We jointly developed a new data-driven, user-centric way of working in cross-functional teams. We proofed the business value this adds and successfully transformed the core organization accordingly afterwards. tapro labs added a lot expertise and were really committed in making it happen. We really enjoyed working together.“
Tim Rudolph
Divison Manager Operations Development
Hermes Germany GmbH
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